How to make a Mixed Media Painting.

 Be inspired. 

Find something you love and take a of photo it
go to your stack
Get out all your scraps of paper
with your blank canvas

Use all your imagination 

Glue it all down 
with your 


              Gel Matt Medium.

Go on.........




Get out all your favourite paints



Don't hesitate



Feel good about what you do!

 Reach out for your pens

Dont feel tense

Just be you, let it happen
draw some fantasy

chase that inner critic off the fence!

Are you ready?

mix these together
Zinc White, Cerulean Blue,Cadium Yellow medium hue and Quinacridone Magenta.

 Now you have your flesh tones.

Just paint

La la la la la la la

La la la la la la la......

Ta da da   

This is mine
Now I want to see yours


Drawing tutorial.

I know that many of us who started drawing in our later years have in some way been discouraged taking drawing further than our childhoods.

Well same here!

I was told my drawings were rubbish.
So I have ended up with an inner critic which lived inside me for a very long time, it has prevented me from learning and feeling free in what I wanted to create. Letting go of this inner critic can be extremely difficult especially if we believe it will stop us from further hurt in the future.
The inner child becomes frozen and is unable to play and learn.

Have you felt stuck and are searching to find a way to free yourself?
Let me try and help you set your inner child free.
Silence your inner critic and learn.

Can you copy this sketch?

Click on the drawings to enlarge
reclining woman sketch by klimt.

I guess you inner critic is saying no way, maybe even when you try it will start to whisper and say something awful to you.

Right now you are being prevented from learning new things.
Stick with me lets fool that horrid little inner voice.

Turn the sketch round.

Just look at the top line follow that little curl with your pencil tell yourself what you see but only speak in lines and shapes don't think to yourself this is a leg.
Just follow the lines. Draw them.
When you are doing this you are switching of the inner critic which lives in your left brain.
Now you are drawing with your right brain.
Yah now you are thinking and seeing like an artist.
Are you enjoying it. You may notice that time will just pass and that you are in your own bauble, maybe you feel refreshed.


Now what about drawing this sketch?

You can do it!!!
Turn it round, remember only talk to yourself about what you see in lines and shapes.

Start in the right hand corner follow the lines. Break it into pieces don't look at the whole picture. You can cover up some of the sketch this will also fool your inner critic.
Believe it or not you are now polishing up on your skills, you are learning to see in a very different way, you may never have seen like this before.
Now turn your drawing round I bet you are surprised by what you are capable of!

Remember practise, practise and practise!!!

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Catherine... said...

Hi Manon, this is great advice... love the way you've presented this.. your artwork is fantastic...love it. :)