Sunday, 27 March 2011

Blown away giveaway.

Gosh I am absolutely blown away by all the wonderful comments on my
blog giveaway.
Just reading about your energy sources has made
me feel inspired and re-energised.

Thank you so much for spreading the word.
Don't forget there is still another week to get your name in my hat
for this little box

just leave me a comment at this post
(click on the word post to take you there) .


What else have I been up to this week?

Well after reading some of your blogs I got a real urge to join Alisa Burke's
online sketchbook delight course.
The course is very reasonable prized and ongoing so you can join anytime and work at your own pace.
I was really drawn by the cheerful colours she uses.
Bright colours have a very positive and happy effect on me.

I love running outside but due to an injury I have been out of action for a while.
So to still get some involvement with my wishful trainer
I decided to sketch it.

Daily sketch

I used Faber-Castell Pitt pens and children's plakaat paint.
Plakaat paint is really cheap here in the UK,
I picked it up in a local store for a £1.


So now I am not running I am having more time to sit and chat to my friends over a cup of coffee.


Mediums used on this page are Faber-Casetll Pitt pens
and inktense pencils by Derwent.
If you have never tried these pencils I recommend you give them a try.
They are like ink in a pencil.


This is my firewater
It is my favourite tipple for the weekend when all the hard work of the week is done

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It helps me paint freely ha you remember my post on getting into rightbrain mode and getting rid of your inner critic. Well alcohol will let your inner child play freely and it will let go of all your inhibitions.
Just be careful and remember it wasn't me that told you.
Mediums used Faber-Castell Pitt pens, colour markers and plakaat paint.


Also this week I have been doing some clearing out.
I don't do it very often as I rather spend my time on what I see as more useful
drawing and painting
but a good clear out at times helps me feel organised
I came across this picture of me when I was about two.

Don't I look angry?
Well whenever I used to be angry my mum used to say this little rhyme to me in Dutch,
''Are you angry then pick a rose and tomorrow everything will be better''.
I am not feeling angry but it inspired me to draw a rose in my journal.
I don't often draw flowers but I am pleased with the result and may do some more.

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Mediums, cheap fibre tip markers watered down and Faber-Castell pit pens.
I love using the cheaper mediums. There is something in my nature that enjoys making beautiful things out of very little.


Last but not least in my journal is
this purchase I had to make
just because
I had tooooo

Shopping delight

Mediums cheap coloured markers watered down and Faber-Castell Pitt pens.

What is it that you do just because you do?

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Sandra said...

He Manon,

Wat leuk dat je nu ook de cursus doet van Alisa burks. Je heb hele mooie dingen gemaakt. Ik ga in week 30, 31 en 32 naar Engeland op vakantie. Eerst een week bij londen in de buurt en daarna 2 weken in de buurt van Bristol. Heb jij nog tips? Misschien creatieve dingen of creatieve winkels die ik beslist niet mag missen? Of dingen die ik in Londen beslist moet doen?

Groetjes Sandra