Sunday, 13 March 2011

Hand felting Ooak Teddies

Hand felting

Don't you just love trying out new things?

Well I certainly do so when my daughter bought me
a book about hand felting I could not resist but get started straight away.

It cost me an absolute fortune buying all different colours of Merino wool tops but who cares?
Above is laid out what you may need and really if you are more sensible then me it doesn't have to cost you a lot to get started.

A great shop in the UK for every yarn you can think of is Texture Yarn,
they also sell online.

My purple little wonder measures 4.5 cm sitting down.

I was up until four this morning stabbing away at sausages and balls of Merino Wool.
I never work from patterns
(don't ask me why but me and patterns just don't go together)

If you are interested in finding out how I made this Teddy
please leave me a comment bellow and I will see if I can take you through it step by step.

This is the book my daughter bought me,
if you click on the picture it will take you to Amazon were you can purchase it.

Before I forget how is the drawing on the right side of the brain going?
Has your inner critic been silenced yet? In my next post I will have some more on this for you.

And also

I can feel a giveaway coming up very soon to celebrate 100 followers.



Marilyn Rock said...

I love hand felting! It was the perfect answer for me who desperately tried knitting and just could not do it. I love all the roving and everything that goes with it. Your purple wonder is absolutely darling! Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

He Manon,

Leuk dat je wat achter liet op mijn blog. Dat waardeer ik altijd erg. Jouw stukje over het tekenen heb ik aandachtig gelezen. Ik heb in elk geval de dingen geprobeerd na te tekenen. Maar vooral de laatste stuk tekst vond ik moeilijk om te begrijpen. Dan laat mijn engels mij toch in de steek. Kan je geen google translator opzetten. Die vertaalt wel heel letterlijk maar dan kom ik er meestal toch beter uit. En ik vind het wel heel interessant. Over hoe die hersenen werken met de linker helft en rechter helft. Dat van het innerlijke kind herken ik ook. Vroeger{nog niet zolang geleden vond men het niks wat ik maakte, en werd zelfs uitgelachen} Toen ben ik gestopt met tekenen. Terwijl ik altijd de drang had om iets te maken. Nu vind ik het heel moeilijk om mijn eigen identiteit te vinden op het gebied van tekenen. Ik teken gauw na. Mijn streven is nu een eigen hand te gaan vinden. Als je tips voor mij heb hou ik mij altijd aanbevolen.

Phoenix Peacock said...

Yay for giving new things a try!

With your interest in art, I'm wondering if you would consider joining a community art piece (I'm extending the deadline until the end of april). I would be honored to have you. If you have time and interest, please check it out here:

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

What a pretty lavender color! I'll look for that book! I love learning new crafts! ♥