Monday, 2 May 2011

Wild things

Right now times are very difficult for me due to having to experience loss,
after loss, after loss.
It has been hard picking up my pencils and brushes.
I don't really understand why, I thought it would help me with the cathartic process.
All I know is that I just don't want to be sad anymore.
How could I express myself without becoming too overwhelmed, how could I make myself feel better.
Well my little niece gave me the answer.

Wild graffiti knitting.

It is daft, it is fun and it can be naughty in a funny way!!!
I can guaranty you it will lift your mood.
Knit whatever you feel like, with any colour and place it round the subject of your choice.

This artistic expression through knitting started in Houstan in 2005 by a lady called
Magda Sayeg.

Click this link to read more about how she started
click this link to see more fun examples of this art form.

This is my own attempt
small attempt.

Just sitting there with colourful yarns of cotton helped to lift my spirits.
I haven't dared go any further than my back garden
just yet.
Help give me the courage to think about my next graffiti knitting object
my ears are open!!!


Cameron said...

I'm so sorry to hear you've been sad! :( Life stinks sometimes....but, I'm thrilled with the idea of fun, colorful, covert yarn action bringing you back from darkness!

The little tree is so festive now...

How about a neighbor's mailbox or car door handle...a park bench armrest or pencils at the library... little things that you can do and not be noticed too much :)

Can't wait to see what your next graffiti project will be!

Take care,

NatashaMay said...

I'm glad you've found something to pick you up. These knits are just amazing! I'm looking forward to seeing your progress. :)

Healing Woman said...

Thanks so much for the link to the "wild" knitted bus and car. And I thought I had the only wild thing on the road! There are 23,000 beads and bangles on my art car-B-dazle. And..I put them there-took 6 years.

Hope your artistic spirit returns soon. takes time..

Joni James said...

What a great idea to make something colorful and then leave it in a public place. Only you will know but imagine the joy and wonder you've spread! This reminds me of a light post we have in town near my house. It's covered in a knitted and very colorful scarf. At first I wondered how someone got it down over the top of the pole but then I realized someone sewed it around it. How fun!

Bren said...

I wanted to tell you Manon that your beautiful art box give away arrived in my mailbox today, it's traveled a very long way to get to me. It certainly lifted my spirits today, it's like nothing else that I own. Thank you for sending a piece of your creative spirit all the way to my corner of the world. Your garden with it's vibrant blue planters now sporting a glorious knitted rainbow, what a way to heal a hurting heart...

Sandra said...
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Sandra said...

Sorry het vorige bericht kwam in hele rare letters vandaar dat ik het had verwijderd. Maar ik wilde je laten weten dat ik aan je denk. En dat ik het heel vervelend voor je vind dat je zo verdrietig bent. Ik hoop dat het breien snel helpt

Joyce van der Lely said...

Hey Manon, this might be what I need to do as well, I feel pretty dark and down myself, thanks for reminding me of this, I knew about it already, but it had slipped to the back of my mind..... take care.
Houd je taai !!!
xoxo J

Marilyn Rock said...

Sorry to read about your sadness but sometimes we just have to go with our feelings. Feeling sad is not comfortable and I hope you can be smiling very soon. The wild knitting sounds like a good place to start.

MaryN said...

Love the idea of wild grafitti knitting!
I had never heard of it before.
Especially like the first photo of the bus!

I am so very sorry for the loss of your dog, Jet, too. I cannot imagine losing my Daphne; she is a family member to me.

But I am so glad I found you through the miz kate dot com Artist blog hop!
I am your newest blog follower. :)
Looking forward to seeing your upcoming posts!

I welcome you to check out my art blog, too!

Mary C. Nasser