Saturday, 3 September 2011

Truly Inspired

Did you miss me? Here I am, I finally returned from my very long break in the sun.

 Spain very kindly shared its culture and colour pallet with me.
I feel very inspired and roaring to go.

I can hardly believe these beautiful flowers grow outside on trees  in Spain.
Here at home in the UK 
we need to keep these wonderful plants indoors. 
 It is too cold and there is not enough light in the day for flowers to bloom.
This is the only drawing I did because it was too hot to get my sketchbook out.
How do you guys cope when it is so hot?

All I could do was eat, drink and be inspired.


Yum...Don't you just love the gorgeous colour of this paella.
My absolute favourite.

I can say it tasted even better than it looks in the picture!!!!

After all that sun, great company and food I feel very inspired.

 Orange is such a warm colour don't you think? 

Totally Orange Polka Dot Peel & Stick Wall Pops Stickers

Totally Orange Polka Dot Peel & Stick Wall Pops Stickers
I am now so desperate to bring some of that warmth into my house.
I am thinking of creating an orange room, I think these wallstickers may just be the thing!

If you click on the picture it will take you to Amazon one of the places which sell them.

Don't forget my giveaway, there is still time to get those prints.
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I have been totally overwhelmed by your lovely comments on my giveaway and I will come and visit you all on your blogs soon!


Sandra said...

Hey gal, thanks for visiting my blog and your lovely words. Your flower is gorgeous I WANT TO GO TO SPAIN! Can't wait to find out who wins the giveaway!

bois-fleurie said...

I,m just off to the south of france.Good to read all your enthusiasm for your stay in Spain,especially all those wonderful colours that have so inspired you.Little flower painting is lovely.

Buffy said...

Glad you had a nice trip! I totally understand the heat, I live in south florida and how do I handle it,well I just stay inside most of the time or in or by the water,lol. We have those same flowers here too! They are beautiful.

Poetic Artist said...

Heat is in the South Alabama..Heat plus humid..Horrible.
Spain I would change with it for Alabama for a while.. Because I love the shades of Orange.
Glad to see you back.

Cameron said...

Welcome back!
I don't do so well in the heat....of course, I don't do so well when it is freezing either. I'm a "like it just right" kinda girl :)

That drawing of the hibiscus is gorgeous....instantly says summer tropics to me!

I think an orange room would be fabulous! Oooo....or maybe a neutral room with accessories in orange and turquoise? Could really liven things up ;P

Anyways, glad you're back...heehee!

Marilyn Rock said...

Welcome back! Glad you had a great trip! Love those flowers!

MaryN said...

Beautiful flower photo and drawing!
Hope your trip to Spain was delightful!

Thank you, too, for joining my art blog hop...
I enjoy following your blog and seeing your creativity!

All the best,
Mary C. Nasser

Janine said...

I love this post! Paella is one of my favorite dishes. I attempt it once in a while and I love the one made with noodles or Fideo!

Mynu said...

Bonita paella.

Teddi said...

fantastic! reminds me of alisa burke. :)