Sunday, 22 January 2012

The Postcard Challenge 2012 Brazil

I am bit late with my contribution for the Friday's
Postcard Challenge 2012.
However I have a good excuse as I have been working very hard 
on getting some commissioned work out of the door.
Please forgive me!
I am hoping to pop round your blogs over the next few days to have a look at what you have all been up to.

 Part three

Heidi had started to make poor old Ted feel caged in so before committing a sin he looked in his money tin.

There were not enough pennies to escape from Austria 
or even take out little Ford Ka.
So there was no other choice but sell her, 
good job she didn't have a voice and a shame she was not a Rolls Royce.
As Ted was counting his money
he decided he wanted to go somewhere sunny. Brazil seemed a good bet
and having sold Ford Ka he wouldn't get
into much debt.  

Dear Lottie,
Why was I not surprised to hear that you went off to Spain. Do you only ever think of yourself? I am now in Rio in Brazil staying with my friend Bida or as you may know him as Blu from Monica and the gang. Today I was asked if I wanted to be an extra in their new cartoon series. Yes I am going to be rich! I am sorry I had to sell Little Ford Ka in Austria but I am sure I am going to earn enough over here to buy her back very soon.
Don’t be mad.


If you enjoyed the story and you want to read all about Ted and Lottie's adventures you can find the full story here.


NatashaMay said...

If I was Lottie I'd be pissed! :)) Luckily Ted is gonna be rich and hang out with Bida so he's half forgiven. :) Love the card! Hope commissions are going well. :)

Darcy said...

aww poor lil Ford Ka lol, hope Ted finds his fortune in cartoons lol

Jackie Humphreys said...

This made me it!

My Heart Exposed said...

made me laugh too, so funny :)
lovely card


Go Ted, I am sure he will be such a star he will manage to replace it with a Porsche or ferrari!

Esther said...

Hopefully he'll earn enough for that Rolls ! love it..Esther xx

Cynthia said...

i'm chuckling. so cute so fun. love the blue

Gina said...

Aaaaw...poor ted lol. No wonder he ran away if she keeps him in a cage:D XXX

Sandra Hoogland said...

Your story is so cute! I can see a children's book coming out in 2013! ♥

craftattack said...

This is cute, but the poor Ford Ka, sob!! Valerie

Janet said...

He is only a bear in a gilded cage. I am not surprised he ran away. Hope he got a good price for the Ka - I think he is going to need all the pennies he can muster. Superbo.

Janet xx

Joan said...

Poor little Ka but I hope Ted is going to make it big in Brazil

Jen said...

Great fun, hope the movie career works out.
Jen x

Jamie Lynn said...

fortunes are sought & hopefully found