Friday, 24 February 2012

Face number 24

I managed to fall behind again with the 29 Face Challenge,
 so this is my second post for today

Meet Pipo, another very small and fast drawing with graphite and inktense pencils. Have I met you somewhere before Pipo? It surprised me how in this drawing I could pull together so much from all the other 23 faces. A group drawing is on the agenda for the end of this month.


Carol said...

Another sweet one...reminds me of gypsies :0)

Jennibellie said...

I love Pipo, I often prefer seeing fast and furious pieces to those that a lot of time has been given to them, as they have freedom in & I can see that in Pipo, much love xx

BlackPumpkin said...

Wow!! She's wicked!!

Cameron said...

Her dress and make-up are fab!