Friday, 30 March 2012

Flotty Pops

It has been a while since I created one of my original style popjes. I had kind of fallen out with her for a bit, she caused me some kind of pain and some tears. Anyway all is good now and today we made friends.
 I like to use her familiar face in a self study about individual parts of the face. Today I concentrated on eyes. My blog friend Cameron has some really useful tips on eyes and if you are interested head over to her blog to read about it here.


I couldn't resist but transform Flotty Lotty into a 3D model. Making dolls is definitely becoming a bit of an obsession at the moment. I promise I will give you an update over the weekend on the name I picked for the Popjes' sisters from my recent post.

Does anybody fancy trading a print of Flotty Lottie with a print of theirs or other art work? Just drop me a line if you do and I will get back to you soon.
I also wanted to say thank you all for your wonderful comments I always appreciate them very much!!! Sometimes I have a hard time finding enough spare time to respond to you all so just to let you know I that I do have you in mind


Lisa Graham Art said...

I love Flotty in all her pretty spring grass color. She's is as vibrant as our ground is right green green and I love it!

Jean said...

What fun. Love the faces and colors.

Gina said...

So full of Spring and sunshine :D XXX

Annette said...

these are just to cute, glad yall are doing good together now. xo

Fallingladies said...

So glad you're enjoying making dolls because they are wonderful to see!

Carol said...

She's sunshine and kisses and I love her!!!!

Flo said...

I love your paintings Manon!!!