Monday, 12 March 2012

Opening up shop and the winner of my giveaway

Oh no I nearly forgot the giveaway, I am a day late, I was so busy with finally getting my etsy shop together. I had been thinking about it for a while and even went as far as setting some of it up but then I was put off by what I like to call witches, I now wished I listened to my gut feeling because as soon as I opened up shop I made a sale. 

Witches talk nonsense and like to fool you
So my advice to you is don't listen to any witches, listen to your own whispers. Witches put a spell on you which may last a very long time. A spell may even stop your wishes from coming true.
Do you remember me telling you I wanted to bring popjes alive well here is Lottie in her true colours. She will bring you fun and happiness but sometimes a little pottiness. Lottie will also help you listen to your whispers and keep away those wicked witches.  

Both dolls are in my etsy shop
 together with this small original painting 
of Amata Aimee below

I am not sure if she is a true sister of the Popjes Family 
 but is cute enough,don't you think, so for now she is having a place between the others popjes.
My first couple of customers on etsy will get a free gift. 

How wicked am I ? Keeping you in suspense for so long. Well the winner of my giveaway this time is the lovely


Carol said...

Lucky Gina!!!
Congrats on the new shop and a sale already!!!!

Cameron said...

A very lucky, Gina, indeed!

Yay! I'm so happy you have an Etsy store now! Your talent should be open to the public 24 hours a day :D

I'm off to give it a looksie!

Lisa Graham Art said...

Aren't you glad you didn't listen to those darn witches. They bother me too. They have been talking their junk a lot lately.

Congratulations on your new Etsy shop!

Jenny said...

Congrats to Gina... and so happy you have opened an Etsy shop... off to take a peek as well...

Jenny x

BlackPumpkin said...

Congrats Gina!!!
And congrats Manon for your Etsy Shop! I'll come and follow it as soon as I come back from work!! :))

Gina said... was me wondering what my 3rd gift would be this week(assuming I am the Gina you mean) do know I am pagan right...and regularly referred to as a witch lol :D Fortunately I follow the old rules, one of which is that you NEVER cast spells on/for people without they request them first mwahahaha
Congratulations on your new shop venture, and I know you don't need any extra magic to make it a success :D XXX

Sonja said...

Congrats to Gina and of course to you for your shop update :)
Hope your items sell quickly.

And just one private q: Do you wear jewelry? :)

Mother of twenty daughters said...

These are so awesome and so cute, your being in the wow with your creativity and colours! Cute too! The dolls, wow!

NatashaMay said...

Congrats to Gina for winning and congrats to you for opening the Etsy shop. :) Wish you lots of sales! Love Amata Aimee! She is definitely a popjes. :)

Catherine... said...

Hi Manon, great minds think alike... I totally agree, Witches are pesky little beings...I've had one whispering in my ear re Etsy too for ages now. Will be sorting her out very soon. I've always got an ear to the wind, you never quite know what you are going to overhear... The girls in my office love your Popjes...and my little Mojo love your suggestion and has popped off in search of a tiny blue elephant to keep Princess Rose company.... So glad I've found you too... hugs :)

Sketch of Senses said...

Love the draws, love the colours! What a fresh art! Nice to find you!

Dees said...

Hi from Holland!!
I found your sweet little dolls on etsy,they are tooooo adorable♥
Do you have dutch roots?popjes=dolls in dutch so I think that there must be a link your art!!I especially love this little sweetie:-)