Friday, 13 April 2012

Designer Doctornurse?

I was recently doing a bit of a tidy up, no not the throwing out type just the organising kind of tidying. I got distracted when I came across a memory book my sister made for me a couple of years back. 

Aaaaah look at this drawing
 I made it for my sister when I was 8 years old.

 Can you tell what I wanted to be when grown up ? 

Yes a Doctornurse! and to be precise that is a Doctor who likes to wear designer nurse outfits.

Now you know I am totally obsessed with making Popjes dolls from my drawings. I couldn't resist making a little Doctornurse doll. This was so much fun, working it out by just thinking, cutting and sewing. No patterns straight to the fun part.

As a teenager I loved looking around the shops for ideas and maybe even more to find out how things were made. It was a very special time in my life. This was the time were I learnt to go for crazy and never to give up. My mum still laughs when she talks about the time her bedsheets disappeared and seeing me wearing this fantastic white hand embroidered outfit. 

Oh and yes I am a Designer Doctornurse these days. 


jessquinn said...

Love Doctornurse, especially her stubbly chin!

Lisa Graham Art said...

Doctornurses rock! Especially yours... : )

Happy weekend!

Gina said...

She...and You are totally fabulous :D XXX

Catherine... said...

This is so it.. :)

Cameron said...

Oh my gosh! It would be so cool if you took commissions.....could be a neat thing to offer. Certainly unique!

She turned out wonderfully!!