Sunday, 15 April 2012

Jim Jam Sundays

It has been flat out in the Popjes studio this weekend.
 let me introduce you to
She is in her Pyjamas because Sunday is a Jim Jam day. 
This is definitely the way Lottie likes to play.

 Lottie doesn't want to experience Jim Jam day just on paper
so she came to life.

These Lotties are keeping me extremely busy.
Look what happened
Lottie is featured at the homepage of Folksy.
I am absolutely delighted with this can you believe that others love her as much as I do?

Now I am heading back to the studio there is more sewing and painting to be done.


Gina said...

oooow Clever you!!! :D Well deserved applause*clapping loudly* :D XXX

Sonja said...

ooo, my 12jear old has Jim Jam day every day she's out of school.. at least until lunch as I don't allow her to be in pj at table :) I love your girls and it's totaly normal to me that other people love them too. don't be surprised.. they show how much you enjoy making them..

Ayala Art said...

Oh my gosh she is adorable!!!! You are tempting me to go back to doll making, as in go right now and grab my doll stuff hahahaha Great art and dolly! ♥

NatashaMay said...

Congrats on being featured, Manon! Your Lotties are little heart breakers. Totally adorable and I love each and every one of them.:)

Catherine... said...

Love a Jim Jam day.... Jim Jam Lottie looks fantastic. I'm not surprised she's been featured... congratulations... Big huge mega pat on back.... :)

Cameron said...

Jim favorite thing to wear!
She is sooooooo cute, Manon!
I love her stuffie incarnation, too!