Saturday, 19 May 2012

Faces 18 and 19

So there I am throwing another popje at you after hearing you are still not bored with her! I am back on target and also nearly ready to sent all my popjes of to the gallery.

There is something very satisfying about putting Popje's outfits together.
I love sitting at my desk colouring her simple attire in.
Her wardrobe is now stuffed to the top.
I guess she takes after me.

Micro sketch before watercolour.

Oooh and look this is me, 
I don't usually look this serious.

Today I just couldn't get me to smile at me. Why I have no idea but I am smiling now because I did another watercolour, which I so wanted to challenge myself with in the 29 face challenge.


Tammie Lee said...

perhaps your self portrait was serious because you were looking at yourself for art.... personality was resting as you focused.

I have noticed in photography too, self portraits are often more serious, as though we capture a part of ourselves that others rarely get to see.

each piece is wonderful to see.

Gina said...

OOw I love Popjes new outfit :D...and now you know why my photo's of me look so serious lol I think it's something to do with us being able to recognise a false smile, and when we pose the smile lasts too long and becomes false....either that or we really are moody mares :D XXX

Viola said...

A lovely popje and a beautiful portrait! :)

And oh, I love your drawing face 15! :) And the other popjes! :)

Joyce van der Lely said...

Hi Manon, I am sorry I haven't been in Blogland much lately, I love all your faces, I could leave a comment on all your posts, I love the Popjes and I love the face with the Pinocchio nose and I love your portrait in watercolour :) I am busy with "work" and also trying out some different things, will show and tell soon as well :) xoxo