Sunday, 13 May 2012

Faces 9,10 and 11

I haven't really had much to laugh about the last few days, I have done my back in and as a result of this I have fallen behind with the 29 Face Challenge
 What a disaster!
Caran D'Ache neoncolour pastels.
I can't sit for long, can you see the pain in my face bellow?

Watercolour and ink
I am hopeful it will be sorted somehow, it always does and then I will be singing my heart out just like nothing happened.

Iridescent watercolour.
I am really falling in love with water colour. I got a great tip from The fallingladies, the most important thing with watercolours is leaving enough white for the high lights. If you are a messy worker like me you can use some masking fluid, this you can peel back when you have finished painting.
If you are into portraits you may like this link on portraits in watercolour.

Keep the tips coming in!


Gina said...

Oh Manon :( Hope your back heals soon. Is it an old injury or from all the sewing you've been doing?
Your faces are fabulous always :D XXX

Sonja said...

Done your back? Not good to hear. Hope you'll be feeling better soon.
Love your paintings, as always :)

Anonymous said...

These are so cute!

Fallingladies said...

Hope your back is " back" to normal soon! These 3 are all so different ! You are talented in so many styles!

Carol said...

Sending you healing fibes for your back! Sure hope it fixes itself quickly. I can see the pain and frustration in your work this time...even with that they are still great works.

Jenny said...

Hope your back is right again very soon Manon... as always... your faces are spectacular... love the watercolor...

Jenny x

Cameron said...

Oh no! I'm so sorry you are in pain!

You have been so very busy....maybe a little break is necessary?
Hope you are feeling better again soon!

I'm loving what you're doing with watercolors, too!!

Jenxo said...

gosh thatss no good Manon, hope you improve soon....what atalent you are , they are wonderful teh self portrait too...and great tip about white space....i usually resort to gesso :(

Lisa Graham Art said...

I am sorry you are having troubles...hope all is well very very soon.

I love what you are doing in watercolor.

I use gesso too when I need to "white out" something, but I don't know if you can do that with might leave too much texture.

Glycérine said...

love them all..
take care of you