Friday, 5 October 2012


Lottie is dreaming 
about what it would be like 
being all grown-up
A small drawing for a new project of mine.

 Thank you for all your lovely comments and emails, again I am totally overwhelmed by your kindness. The old knee is well on the way to a great recovery.


Gina said... is she soaking up the last rays of our dying sun...or stretched in front of a toasty log fire? Both would result in that sweet dreamy smile :D XXX

Jess said...

I like your drawings that have appeared since your poor knee made you sit down with your sketchbook. :) I wish you a speedy recovery and a lovely weekend!
Jess xx

Tammie Lee said...

ah, such a charming piece
she really does look like she is dreaming ~

Dot said...

Hi Manon.Your art has evolved so beautifully. I love seeing your sketches and dolls too. Hope your knee is healing after the operation. Much love from me to you. Dot xx

Introverted Art said...

oh Manon, she is just a cutie and her pink shoes are adorable.

Sandra van Doorn said...

i really love the simplicity of your latest drawings, all that negative white space and a little dash of something with a lot of character. wonder what the new project is …:)
x sandra

Lisa Graham Art said...

I love this dreaming little sweetheart and I love that you are getting well!! xo

Julie-ann Bowden said...

She's so cute! Brilliant resting pose she as, captured the moment so beautifully!