Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Focus&Free Download

Every day i start with good intentions. I will get dressed and get the pencils out, paper in front of me, yes today i am going to draw all day. HA i need a cuppa and a cookie...ssss. Back in ten minutes, sipping away at my orange and mango green tea i am dazing away into a daydream. Hmmm that blanket might look good over there lets just see, oh i have run out of Naptol red light must order that right now.

I guess you know what is coming don't you? PC here we come, oh before ordering lets have a look at what everyone else is op to. Wow look at that a wonderful free painting class lets just fetch that link maybe some of my blog followers might be interested in thatOK i now must draw so drawing i do.


Twenty minutes later the door bell goes, i trip over Lottie's favourite Teddy, tucking that under my arm I run to the door. By now i am out of breath the postman looks at me bemused he hands over a package with my new favourite magazine. I head back to the studio with a detour to the sweet jar. I sit back in a comfy chair all snuggled and cosy chomping away at my chocolate with a great thought.

Why not let you readers finish my sketch so I can start afresh another day? Please feel free to download and print face 51 for personal use only :)


Catherine Constance said...

Well someone has had a really busy day... :)xx

Ilona Heimböckel said...

Very sweet Manon! Let us do the work for you! ;-) Thank you for the drawing!!!

And who does not know the situation described in your blog post? I feel like that so often, only my main occupation should be studying English and pedagogy :( even worse than drawing!!!

:-) Soon I'll be through with it and then I can draw and paint and paint and draw, until I find a real job and earn some real money? Lol

Ilona <3

Melanie said...

:) zo'n dag hebben we allemaal wel eens. Heerlijk verdwalen op het internet. Morgen zal ik je popje uitprinten en mooi kleuren. Zodra het af is zal ik hem op mijn blog showen.
Liefs, Melanie

Kim said...

wat een heerlijk bericht! misschien niet zo produktief als dat je zou willen ;) maar herkenbaar geschreven...

(by the way, gaaf rood blik.. en dat kopje!! mooi!)

thnx voor de link.. gaaf zo'n workshop :) ennuh.. komt goed uit, want dan kan ik oefenen op Lottie ;)

Cameron said...

I get sucked into that "I'll just check this and that really quick" only to end up on the computer for hours....aargh!

Why do we do that to ourselves? Haha!

hajjandumrah said...
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Kyra Wilson said...

I have this problem myself. I also find my painting brain doesn't seem to turn on until late morning or afternoon. I keep trying though... while looking and doing other things. :)

stefanie stark said...

Your note sounds so funny and so true!!!! Yes, I also know this situation very well! I'll keep my fingers crossed for all of us that nevertheless we will achieve our goal :)