Monday, 22 April 2013

Happy faces

There are always lots of unfinished projects lurking in my studio i have a very forgiving nature so some of those things stay put for a long time without the guilty conscious creeping in. 

This weekend the sun finally reached comfortable temperatures. All windows were opened. It was also a good reason for the old paint brushes and brightly coloured paint to make an appearance.

Off to work i set painting this, painting that. Did you know it is already three months since i moved into my  new studio and it is only now that my guests have somewhere to sit. Well but that is only true for two people, i still have way to go.

The chairs are in great need for some seat covers. Any colourful ideas? i was searching the net when Lottie cried out "it is unfair, never mind your chairs what about my poor Ted he has had no face for at least a year." Brushes swapped places with needles.

Result the house is now full of smiling faces and I love that :)


lee said...

I am so glad ted got a face....its finally nice here today, I opened my windows as well

Sandra van Doorn said...

oh wide open windows do magic don’t they? can’t wait to see your final chairs, seat covers and all!

Melanie said...

Heerlijk hè die eerste lente dagen. En Lottie haar teddy ziet er lief uit. Nog veel plezier met het inrichten van je studio. O ja, gehaakte kussentjes zullen mooi staan op je stoelen.
Liefs, Melanie

Catherine Constance said...

Ted got a face...yay...and by golly there was sunshine up North. :) Love it when it's warm enough to have the windows wide open all day. Seem to get so much done. So your studio will finished soon then... :)

Inez Visser said...

Rood met witte stippen!

PiaD said...

You're kind to your unfinished projects. You will not be without something to do I think!
Re. the chairs: how about some flat cushions in dark blue with a white French lilly print? Nice and royal, you will never forget which year you made them ;)

Melissa Kojima said...

Glad you finally got some chairs in your studio and that teddy has a smiley face. Congrats on getting some things done. It must feel good.

Cameron said...

Sunshine in a bottle....that's what you provided with paint :)