Monday, 29 April 2013

How to steal like an artist

When Lottie was asked what she wanted to be when all grown up she replied "an art thief" 
gif online creator
There is something very delightful about children's thoughts
 and I wished more adults would keep or adapt this stance. 
Lets be honest most of us do not want to admit
 to being some sort of art thief. 

So I thought it might be fun to read the book
"Steal like an artist" by Austin Kleon for this months challenge at the Artful readers.


 “If you just mimic the surface
 of somebody’s work without understanding
 where they are coming from,
 your work will never be anything more 
than a knockoff.”

Do you recognise this? 
A few years ago I wanted to be nothing else but Suzi Blu
I loved her playfulness and childlike art. I copied and copied untill my face saw blue

I am convinced that copying her work
 was a great starting point for me. 
When I got an understanding
of the energy behind Suzi's art
 it helped me to understand and 
develop my own style.

So thank you Suzi for letting me thief from you!
and thank you Austin 
for raising this subject
in your fun and easy to read book.


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Lisa Graham said...

I have seen this book many many times and now I am thinking it's time to at least put it on a wish list.

Copying other artists is a fantastic way to learn. You have definitely developed your own wonderful playful style. I always feel uplifted when I come here. xo

Shirley said...

I love Suzi Blu too Manon. I also reviewed Austin's book this month. I really enjoyed it and his motivational words, he made me feel I just wanted to get out there and create. Your artwork is amazing as always and your blog is a joy to visit. Love the animation. x

San @ Made in Hem said...

I love your Artwork ♥ (and Suzi's too!) but when I try to copy I end up with something just not as pretty...
Maybe I should try harder or maybe it's my inner artist who doesn't like to steal! :)
Have to read this book now! Just downloaded it and since it's a two-week break from school I think I can manage to pop in some reading hours with the promiss of Art later with the children! :)

Christine said...

Thanks for this most useful info Manon, I'll look for this book.

Melanie said...

Je hebt helemaal gelijk. En sinds het internet er is is het nog makkelijker om van een andre te "stelen". Zo "steel " ik ook wel eens ideetje van jou.( ik vertel het er wel altijd bij;))
Het werk van Suzi is erg leuk en fantasievol, en dat vind ik ook van jou werk. Je hebt inmiddels een hele eigen stijl.
Ga je morgen de troonswisseling hier in Nederland nog via de tv volgen? Als het kon, had ik je een heerlijke oranje tompouce van de hema gestuurd.
Liefs, Melanie

Gina said...

I am going to get this book...I like to learn from people about techniques and "how did they do that?", but feel like I am stealing from them somehow. That simple comparison list showed me I am a good thief :D XXX

Melissa Kojima said...

Oh, yes! I know this book and really love the concept. I agree that study a "master" can help you develop your own style and voice. So glad you found this "master" Manon and came to find your own sweet and fun style!

Tammie Lee said...

an art thief, what a great response.
all your pieces are a joy to see.

Cameron said...

No one can argue that all the "stealing" was a good thing for you! The style you've developed exudes its own child-like wonder and playfulness....and is just so beautifully Manon!!

Leialoha said...

Lottie is such a cutie in her burglar mask...thank you for this interesting review.

Janet said...

How are we to learn without copying and adapting the work of others? It is a natural process. Your faces are superb, and very you.

Janet xx

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I guess that's why I don't draw. I've never been able to, and have no desire to spend all that time learning. Give me mixed media any day. You'll (not YOU, but artists) never be able to copy transformed junk. But of course, I adore your darling faces. You draw SO well. I will and would never call you a thief!

Jez said...

Lottie looks great in her Art Thief outfit - I'm sure there's a film there somewhere with Lottie as the star.
I like your thoughts on copying, and agree with you. I still like to copy the artists I love, Chagall, Modigliani, etc., and have learnt so much from doing so - but all just for my own desire to study. One of our favourite activities is going to a gallery and copying - sometimes we focus on just 'eyes' and it's very rewarding.
I also agree with you about developing one's own individual style - as you have done so wonderfully. For so many years I was disappointed with everything I drew or painted - because it looked like something I had done, and I was searching for my own style. Then I realised that it looked like something I had done because THAT was my style.
Clearly your review has given us all food for thought and discussion - so, that's a success then!

Jen said...

Love the faces, such fun. So lovely to be able to make someone smile with your work. Have already added this book to my wish list.
Jen x

Julie Ann Lee said...

I am just going to have to read this book, as someone else - Shirley I think - praised it highly. It sounds great. I love your bright lively art. Thank you for sharing it. This is my first ARC and I've really enjoyed myself. xxx

Sarah said...

It is interesting to read two reviews of the same book this month - yours and Shirley's - your reviews complement each other well, and I am glad that you both enjoyed the book. I also see no harm in copying the work and style of an artist you admire while you are still learning, you have definitely developed your own unmistakeable style now! I love your rosy cheeked girls :)

Maz said...

It's hard to be truely original I think, as you always draw inspiration from someone or something! Great artwork as usual. x