Saturday, 11 May 2013

Paper Saturdays, playing with matches

Happy Paper Saturdays! I can't believe we are here again linking our paper art up. I did have a little holiday I failed to tell you about so that could explain why time is flying by for me. Have you got your supplies ready for another fun week ahead? Of course you are totally free to make what you want.

Don't worry if you don't you can link any paper art work from the past or present. You have all week to play before a new linky is up.  I myself for this week decided to play dangerous. I messed with matchboxes. I have to confess it was fun :) maybe you would like to follow but like I said you may enter any paper art work.

So what is paper artwork ?

Sketches, drawings, paintings and collages on paper are all fine. Yes entries in your art journal are great too. Paper dolls, paper houses, paper illustrations, paper jewellery, paper cards, painted paper boxes, you with a paper knickers on, paper clay, papermache are all allowed. Do what you like, just have fun.

Do you fancy doing something with matchboxes? Great then you also may like to visit KIRSTY NEALE. I can promise you she will definitely get your inspiration going. Kirsty made some wonderful sleepover party invites out of matchboxes like the ones bellow. Please visit her blog if you interested in creating from far and beyond.

and to get you started here are some free papers. You may save and print them for usage in your paper art :)

Now it is time to enter your paper art, please link a relevant post back to paper Saturdays. You may use my button in order to do that.

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Valerie-Jael said...

Love those matchboxes! Hope you and Lottie have a fun weekend, Valerie

Arnoldo L. Romero, MLA said...

Welcome back from your trip. I love your matchbox art! I made some matchbox art the weekend before last and posted them during the following week along with my toilet paper roll art. (I linked the image of the latter during last week's Paper Saturday post.) You can find the matchboxes here:

Last weekend I made a Mother's Day Envelope Card, which is what I linked today. Blessings!

Victoria said...

Yay are just i love them all..each so unique and dazzling my heart..I am drawn to the gorgeous bright yellow one..and also adore the one with the little pink roses Magnificent works! Wonderful spotlight too..beautiful!

Hugs friend, have a fantastic wkd!

Jess said...

They look so sweet those little matchbox creations! I used to make dolls furniture out of matchboxes for my dolls house when I was little, like a tiny chest of drawers. These are fun to make!xx

Christine said...

very cute!!!

Jez said...

Cute boxes, so colourful. Any girl, little or big, would love one of these. My sister and I used to make little dolly beds with matchboxes and a tiny doll made from a scrap of cloth with cotton-wool tied in a round shape for the head. You brought back memories! These are lovely.

Ayala Art said...

Oh my goodness, these are so adorable!! Xo)

Melanie said...

Leuk die luciferdoosjes. We hebben er hier een aantal liggen, ergens heel ver weg gestopt. Eigenlijk gebruiken we ze nooit. We hebben van die gas aanstekers. Ik ben vandaag niet toe gekomen aan paper saterday.ik heb wel wat getekend, en daar over geblogd, maar dat is niet echt iets voor jou leuke zaterdag. Ik zal misschien morgen nog wat plaatsen anders in de loop van de week. Alvast een fijne moederdag.
Liefs, Melanie

Melissa Kojima said...

OMG! I love your Lottie matchbooks! And the sleepover matchbooks are just adorable! Wonderful. Happy Paper Saturdays! Now, what should I share with you? Hmmmmm?

Ilona Heimböckel said...

Welcome back Manon!
Your matchbox-creations are awesome sweet! :-) Good inspiration for projects maybe for a birthday-party for my daughter.

I can't stop working with paper rolls, many ideas are lurking in my brain ;-), but also lots of other stuff, which I will try for the next Paper-Saturday.

Have a wonderful Sunday!

Hugs Ilona

robin hood said...

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