Friday, 14 June 2013

Paper Saturday link up time, spreading the love.

Welcome to another week of Paper Saturdays. Please feel free linking your art at the bottom of this post. We love to see everything you created on paper or with paper this week, let's inspire each other. 

Do you sometimes have that OMG feeling because lots of things are happening but you can not speak? Well we are having one of those moments. Don't worry we will tell you more about that soon. 

Our contribution to paper Saturdays
All we can say for now is that a little bird flew into Lottie's studio proclaiming his love for her. He is trying to convince her "Love is all you need" But please tell us "Is that all what she needs?"
Melanie's art
Love is a big word and we may not be sure what it means but we know what it feels like. Sometimes we look at an artist's work and we just love it we don't search for the meaning of it, it just feels right! Melanie is one of those artists. Just go and meet her because you will instantly know what it is that feels right!

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Arnoldo L. Romero, MLA said...

That's the cutest Macaw paper doll, especially his cool outfit! I love Melanie's work too, so I'm glad you are featuring her. Blessings!

Lisa Graham Art said...

Hi Manon, just popping in to see what's new! Love what I see here. It Lottie rubbing baby powder on herself a few posts back? Too cute. The jar! Love that too! I did't do any paper are so I am not worthy of linky - idge. But xo just the same!

Valerie-Jael said...

Love what you have made again, Lottie and her parrot are so cute! Valerie

Jez said...

I love Lottie with her bird-brained suitor. Of course she needs more than love, she needs to know him a little better and perhaps meet his parents.
Melanie's work looks as you say, wonderful, and when I get a little time I shall definitely go and visit her - thank you for the pointer to her blog.

Melanie said...

wat heb je weer een leuke Lottie getekend en die papegaai is ook super grappig. Ik zat zonet met blozende wangen je berichtje te lezen :) Lief dat je een berichtje over mijn werk hebt gemaakt met een link erbij.
je vroeg in een reactie op mijn blog welke kleuren ik voor de donkere man had gebruikt. Dat zal ik nog even voor je opzoeken en mail het dan naar je. Alvast een fijne zaterdag avond en weer bedankt voor dit gezellige feestje.
Liefs, Melanie

Cameron said...

You are the Paper hostess with the Mostest! Your parties are getting bigger and grander every week! I'd love to try to attend when we get back from vacation!

I think she should wait to see what else flies in...there are other birds in the, fish in the sea ;P