Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Lottie wants to be famous :)

I took part in the Global Talent search over at Lila Rogers' site. I loved creating and dreaming away. Is is too far fetched having your artwork on front of something in Paper Chase on display?

I don't know but it would have helped I guess if I had complied with the rules of the measurements of the to be submitted image. I have no clue whether I did or not and I may never find out. It got messy over here in the studio, like it always does. Am i the only artist that works in that way?

Anyway if I did it right Lottie may possible be seen in this Gallery on the 1st of August. If I am there please vote for me because that is the next step up in Lottie becoming famous :)If she is not we will have to find another way.


Catherine Constance said...

Brilliant, I missed the date completely so not likely to be famous yet...fingers crossed you made it.. :)

Melanie said...

Spannend, en mijn stem krijge je zeker weten.:) ik zal mijn jongens ook vragen op je te stemmen via hun eigen computer. Heb je alvast 3 stemmen.
Ik zal voor je duimen.
Liefs, Melanie

Melissa Kojima said...

Oh my! How fun! I wish you the best! Crossing my fingers for you! I think I can be pretty messy too when I'm in the middle of an art project.