Friday, 12 July 2013

Paper Saturdays, Handmade doodle Cards

Helloooo, we are back have you missed us? I am sorry we didn't get to say Hi to you last Saturday and by the looks of it Dollie didn't manage to do much either. The break we had was suburb but it feels rather like a distant memory now, a silly move has left me immobile and retired to the sofa! I won't bore you with the details we have a Paper Satudays challenge to host right now. Are you ready?

It is wonderful to hear that you feel so inspired by our paper art and we love it even more when you try your hand at some of the projects too. Keep it going folks you are great! Don't forget to link your art.
This week I have made something very simple and useful. Do you ever have that moment when you need a card but you have no time to hit the shops? Well I have the answer a very simple and fast homemade card. I think these little beauties look rather classy, don't you? I have to confess it wasn't my own idea I got inspired by the book "Book Art".

I guess it doesn't matter to do this once in a while, I just didn't have enough time to sit and think the whole thing through and give it more of my own style. However the little birds are my own design. I am sure you like to see my take on it.

I guess we are often influenced by what others make even though we try not to copy. The other day I walked into a shop and saw some things very similar to what we have posted for Paper Saturdays. It really left me wondering if this person who made the art was inspired by us and follows Paper Saturdays. I would be very honoured :)


Now it is time for you to link your art again. Please leave a comment for your fellow artist friends they love to know you have been round and it would be great if you would link your relevant post to this post. You may use the button on the right hand bar of my blog for that. 

We will certainly be round to say Hi this week.


Michellem said...

These cards are amazing - simple but sophisticated at the same time - love your birds! Your blog is so inspiring - love all the time and care you put into your posts!

Lisa Graham Art said...

These are quite wonderful and will be a gem to give anyone when you don't have a card to give...even better. I love all the doodled details in the bird and there is something so awesome about art on a book page.


sharon said...

Love the cards, I have actually started on a doll like the one you did last week,Even though she is not dressed yet she has a definite personality, I will post about her next saturday.

Valerie-Jael said...

Have a fun weekend! Valerie

ann @ studiohyde said...

Lovely idea with the book pages, very good and looks fun to do.
Hope you are feeling better soon :)

Arnoldo L. Romero, MLA said...

Paper cuts and doodling, it can't get better than that for a quick, creative and fun project. It's funny, but I was out last week too, so I'm glad I didn't miss any of your great posts. Blessings, my friend!

Catherine Constance said...

Hi Manon,
Love the cards, brilliant idea. Hope your off the sofa and fit again in no time :) xx

Nat S said...

dear Manon, thank you for this challenge, for your kind comments :)
have a nice WE

Clare said...

Lovely idea and pretty doodles! Your own bird design is great!

Malachite M.S said...

love the doodles! very unique!


Ayala Art said...

Oh Manon you are fantastic with that paper... all the pieces are so sweet and adorable!!
I love the contrasting color in the back ♥

Hey, it is awesome you guys will be celebrating 25 years together!!! I want to be the first saying congratulations!!
Hugs :oD

Ilona Heimböckel said...

Hi Manon,
I just need to thank you for your comment on my blog yesterday!

I found your handmade cards today and I love them. I mostly make my own cards, but they seldom look as professional as yours here ;-)

Hugs Ilona