Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Polka dot, Dottie Lottie plates

I came across some polka dot plates a few months ago and like you may already know I am a bit of a polka dot addict so I just couldn't help myself and had to buy them. You know that feeling don't you, you just can't resist and they will come in handy one day, a must have :)

To cut a long story short, I forgot about them until I was rummaging through my store cupboard to find some packaging material for an order and my eye caught the polka dot design I fell in love once again. Out of the cupboard she came onto my drawing table in my studio. While rotating her a few times in deep thought I became inspired.

Yes of course I had to paint a Lottie design on it, how predictable am I? Right now I am building up some stock for a show in Holland in October and I think she will make a great addition to my other goodies. I did a couple of them at the same time so if you like her you can find her in my Etsy shop right now.

OK I better get back to the drawing table so I can cook up some more ideas for the upcoming show. Don't forget there is still lots of time to link up your art for this week's Paper Saturdays Challenge.


ann @ studiohyde said...

You really added to this plate with your unique style..love it.

Lisa Graham Art said...

Wow Manon, this is so creative! I love your plate, what a great addition to your show. I wish I could come to Holland and see it! Lovin' that green nail polish too...it really pops with the plate!


Fida M.S said...

love this plate! its an amazing addition!


Pia Drent said...

Oooh lovely!

Melanie said...

Wat een leuk idee weer. En het is alsof het bord er speciaal voor gemaakt is. Waar kom je in oktober in Nederland?
Nog veel teken plezier voor vandaag.
Liefs, Melanie

Catherine Constance said...

Hi Manon, brilliant, love your Lottie plate. :)

Michellem said...

You are so amazingly creative! It is a treat to every time I come visit your blog!