Friday, 18 October 2013

Lila Rogers Studio School

I am back home from the Craft fair in Holland. I had a brilliant time and may share some more of that with you at a later date. Putting that aside for a now I have other more pressing and exciting news.

I have been dying to tell you about my news, I am back at school! It sounds funny, me back at school who would have ever thought it. Having to do assignments again no not in a million years. 
But yet when I read about Lila's e-course on making art that sells the prospect of doing assingments all of a sudden didn't feel so bad  anymore.
I can't say I am finding it easy to spare enough time to stay focussed on what needs to be done but I am giving it my best shot and here is my first ever fabric design. What do you think?  Could you see this on a teatowel or on your apron?


Micki Wilde said...

I would love this on a teatowel!! It looks fabulous!!

Jess said...

I think it looks fantastic! Good on you for joining a course, good luck with it, have fun! :)
Jess x x

Patsy Paterno said...

I like the matching prints! Great job! Patsy

Fida said...

love those patterns! <3

Lisa Graham Art said...

Holland! You said that so casually...would love to go some day, but much farther for me to travel.

I would DEFINITELY wear one of your aprons.

Good luck in school and be good. xo

roberto said...

Hey, excellent!!!! i like yor fabric designs!!!
always is a good news when someone wants to learn!!!!
congratulations again! :))

Cameron said...

How cute is that?! The way that you so effortlessly combine patterns and colors....fabric design seems a natural next step!

Good for you!
Fabulous, Manon!
Can't wait to hear more about your adventures in Holland, also :)

Astera said...

Your cute pattern looks perfect for towels, apron, gloves ect...a complete line! Well done and have fun with the new course. Looking forward to seeing the progress of your homework in the next months. :)

Jez said...

Yes, on tea towels, an apron, or a window blind. But would look fantastic on book covers - diaries, sketchbooks, notebooks - and mugs. Lovely fresh bright colours and designs. Sounds a great course, and I think you will be a star pupil.

Melissa Kojima said...

That's wonderful! I thought about taking her course also. I bought her book and I'm reading it now. I love the patterns you're coming up with. I hope to see more of what you're doing and learning.

Sonja said...

This kind of school sounds great, just enjoy it. I believe you'll learn a lot.
Out of this fabric I would sew a pouch, combining all the patterns :)