Saturday, 15 March 2014

Unleashing the inner art through virtual connections and the social media

Over less than ten years the Internet has seen an explosion of opportunities for artists to meet other artist. A once what may have felt like a very secluded way of life has now been opened up by the social media. Working alone in the studio doesn't feel so lonely anymore. There is always a virtual friend at the other end of the line and I love it. Yes my studio life has changed has yours?

I guess that is not the only things that has changed for me. Having Numerous virtual fellow women artist friends from all over the world has unleashed an inner art within me that I thought was inconceivable but it is soaring right now and will keep soaring through the companionship I have found on line.

It is not so long ago since I became part of The Face in the World, which is a group of women artists who came from the 29Face Challenge . We enjoy bringing about art through collaboration. Above are some samples of the work I am proud to have been part of.

There is something very heart warming and emotional about creating art together. This togetherness of virtual artist friends has brought about an enormous inspirational buzz within me. I feel it  has influenced the way I draw and paint, which is a truly wonderful experience. 

In addition to creating together we also create individually for each other. Above are some examples of my individual work. Another thing that really speaks to me and helps to unleash my inner art is feeling unrestricted  so when I was invited to become a member of another group, No Holds Barred where there are no rules, founded by Lizzy Love in 2013 I just couldn't resist joining. I wonder where this will take me next?

If you are interested to see what some of the other team members of No Holds Barred get up to bellow are their links.

Audrey Breed, Tennessee USA
Tammy Gulat Art, Ohio, USA
Vicky Knowles, New Jersey, USA
Lizzy Love, Ontario, Canada
Joy Redington, Oregon, USA
Manon Visser, England, UK
Milo Wylde Chin, California, USA


Melissa Kojima said...

Oh, what lovely artwork. I can see why they speak to you. How wonderful to be a part of this talented group of ladies!

Lizzy Love said...

I just love your artwork Manon, I enjoyed this post because I saw a few pieces I haven't seen before and they are all beautiful!!! :)

Deborah Jackson said...

Fantastic artwork, Manon. And, I agree, it is great to be connected with other artists. I joined in the 29 Faces Challenge and met some great new arty friends - loved it xx

Tammie Lee said...

These are all gorgeous and wonderful to see. They really pop off the page and are so interesting that i went back to look again!

Such dear words about our art community in the world too ~

roberto M. said...

Great works, all of them!!!

Jez said...

Every one is so beautiful and unusual, and your love of red shines through. Everything you do is always of professional quality, but these are even more exceptional. You are truly talented, and they sound like great groups.

Arnoldo L. Romero, MLA said...

I'm speechless by the beauty of your work. Blessings!

elainevernon said...

Lovely. I am so happy to already own two of your wonderful artworks.

denthe said...

Oh wow, Manon, these are so great! I've done one face in the world too (well, it was Face in Australia ....) and it really is fun connecting with other artists like that.

Fran said...

These faces are beautiful. I love the combination of collage and painted face.

Tracy said...

Love, love, love that one with the newspaper hair!

Shelley Whiting said...

Your work is zippy and full of merriment. Joyful and fun.