Saturday, 20 September 2014

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Today I have some more fun paper dolls for you. If you are a Facebook or Instagram friend of mine you will have noticed lots of paper dolls appearing in your feeds. I have set myself the challenge to make a personalised doll a day. I have fallen behind a little because it is much more work then I had anticipated.

It has been an amazing learning curve and my in-box if still overflowing with willing models.Some of you are Paper Saturday followers and I will draw you all when I have enough material to work from. Now normally people send me photos of whom they want to become a paper doll but Fran from Paper Tripp send me photo of a drawing of herself. Her drawing is top left.

I found this doll in particular very difficult to do because drawing from a drawing go hand in hand with expecting a lot from myself. Drawing from a real face gives me more freedom. It helps me to give that doll a extra bit of personal touch too but I don't think I did too bad with Fran' s doll. What do you think?


At the end of my Challenge all dolls will be printed out and glued on 450grm card. I will also personally cut and assemble the doll. All dolls from this challenge will be made availble for you to buy at a very reasonable price. I promise you it will only be a very small amount just to cover my costs. I am hoping this will be some time during October and November.

Next on my list is Clare from ClareWillcocks. I still have a bit of work to do on her but I promise you she will be finished tomorrow and I will post more then. More willing particpants on my list are going to be on show during the week so stay posted.

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Elephangaroo Ramunda said...

OH wow! Your dolls are amazing! I can understand how they would be very time consuming-they are perfect!

Fran said...

Love it Manon. You did a wonderful job!

Clare Willcocks said...

I usually come by on a Sunday but I was so excited to see your dolls that I popped in today! I LOVE the doll of me and will definitely buy it and put it on display at home! I can't wait to see what you do with the rest of me!

I'll be back tomorrow to link up my blog :) x

Caroline Ouzts Hay said...

It's been a while and I have missed your whimsical bright and happy art. So glad I stopped by today. Love your little girls.


A Mynah Production said...

Amazed by your work. My gosh how to you make so many?! beautifully done!