Sunday, 7 December 2014

7 days to feed your creative soul.

If you ever get the chance to go on an art retreat with Gillian Lee Smith I would highly recommend you do this. Just over a year ago I was persuaded by some long term online friends to commit myself to participating in such art retreat. It was a first class experience and the best money I spent for a while, I learnt so many new and exciting painting techniques. I feel my art work is already benefiting and maybe it is even growing up a little.
1) In the Studio in Gardenstown.
2)  Gillian Smith demonstrating her pastel drawing skills to her students.
3) A paintbrush in the charcoal and oilbar technique.
4) A practise painting using an image from the book Pastel painting atelier by Ellen Eagel.

From left to right my bestie house mates for the week Pam, Kate, Phyllis and me.
The place Gillian chose for her retreat was a wonderful and inspirational setting in Gardenstown. This remote village is built into the old red sandstone cliffs in the area of Aberdeenshire in Scotland. When I stepped out of my car I felt like I was stepping back in time which really helped me in getting my mind set in the right gear for painting 7 days undisturbed with the help of the sweetest soul you would ever meet. Gillian just couldn't do enough for you, she was always ready to help well above what I had expected. So I would like to say a massive thank you to her for all that she has done!


Gina said...

How fantastic! What a perfect way to spend a week away :D XXX

Jess said...

It sounds wonderful and makes me yearn to do something like this. Thanks for sharing! :)
Jess x

Introverted Art said...

wow this looks so beautiful and vibrant. I can feel the energy from here.

Tammie Lee said...

it does look and sound like a wonderful time. I have never done anything like this. maybe some day.

wonderful that you are experiencing your art differently as well. sweet holidays to you and yours.

jodi said...

Perfect summation of the retreat. x