Tuesday, 17 March 2015

In search of quirky stuff.

Shops Antonia and de Weldaad in the Jordaan

Every year I go home about two to three times and in February was my first visit of the year. I stayed in the Jordaan, an old part of Amsterdam where my dad used to have a house for many years. There are many fond memories of me being there. I share my dad's love of quirky shops and markets so we used to do lots of searching of unusual objects. I imagine he was looking down and smiling when he saw me seeking new treasures for my fast growing collection of odd bits. 

I always feel refreshed and full of inspiration when I get back but my brain needed to process all emotions and experiences being with my lovely family before I could even imagine taking my pencil back to the paper though today I feel I am ready to get back to my easel. I will leave you with a tour of a fabulous shop my sister found in the Jordaan and they sell online so you don't have to feel left out. The video is in Dutch but just seeing what is on the shelves will get you taking a very big suitcase as in that department we may all speak the same language.


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Gina said...

Oh my....you would have to drag me out of hat shop lol :D XXX