Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Since my last post all I can think about at the moment is mice. Maybe I bit too much cheese off when I entered the 100dayproject and opted for 100 mice nevertheless I am enjoying the challenge. I have lots of new inspiration.

Some questions answered my mice are about 6inch and I am working on some smaller ones right now. You can follow me on Instagram and see them all together. They are up for adoption at the end of the challenge but if you see one that you really want let me know and I will put you name on it. Most are taken but remember lots are still to come.


Lisa Graham Art said...

I am SO enjoying your mice right now on FB and Insta. You are such a creative woman Manon! xoxo

Fran said...

So many adorable little mice. A new one every day to enjoy.

Clare Willcocks said...

Manon, you are an inspiration with your dedication to this project! What are you going to do with all your little mice once you've got 100 of them?