Saturday, 30 July 2011


This week I found plenty of time to sit down with the old sketch book.

I love sketching and I am crazy about portraits so I decided to use the most reliable model I know. I have to say she is always on time, easy to work with, she will sit there for hours
while I deepen my attention to what is needed from me to get the face on paper.

Occasionally if I need her on a Friday night we will share a glass of vodka
and we will work deep into the night.

I bet you guessed..yes it is me peering back at myself in the mirror! There is nothing better than working with one's own face.

I thought I might rework this sketch cut it up a bit, use some colour. It is getting my taste buds going just thinking about it.


While I am off to my printer I will leave you with a book which I absolutly love!

Mixed Media Self-Portraits by Cate Coulacos Prato

If you click on the picture of the book it will take you to Amazon,
so if you wanted to buy it this would be one of the places you could.

It is great for inspiration
Tons of information on how to alter or create a self-portrait. Fascinating stories of other artist telling you about their journeys and some fun exercises to get you to loosen up.

Eat your heART out.



Healing Woman said...

Wonderful sketch! So that's what you look like! Very cool indeed.

Buffy said...

Your sketch is beautiful! I would keep it as is.It really inspires me to sketch more.

Anonymous said...

Oh, this books looks really arty yummy!
It's great to know we can create portraits in any form we wish. Helps free us to see it in book form. The world is opening up in great ways too.
So lovely to hear from you Manon, thank you for ray of sunshine. Hope your having a brill time!

Diane said...

Such a talent you are, and it's great to spend time with yourself--we can be the best company at times!

Marilyn Rock said...

Love your self portrait! I didn't realize your Dad passed away. I was so sorry to read that here. May your memories that you've shared with him stay with you and keep you at peace. Thoughts of you....Marilyn

Coleen said...

I have this book. I love it too. So glad you brought it out. Going to go look for mine and get it out again.

Coleen, an American in Ukraine

Jennibellie said...

gorgeous portrait, you are so talented! Thanks for the tip about the book, heading over to check it out now, much love Jenny