Sunday, 17 July 2011

The windows to the soul.

I haven't had time to come and visit your blogs just yet
but I soon will.
I just wanted to say
to all of you who supported me after my father's death.


I had wanted to paint a portrait.
I could not get my head round it at all.
Although I started painting with a happy mind
my mood changed very quickly
into something darker.
As I was following the lines of the subject's face
I noticed I was picking up
negative energy.

Have you experienced this?
Don't you think that there is an awful lot to pick up about the person just from
the face and the eyes.
I guess it is not for nothing that they call the eyes the windows to the soul


I had to suspend the painting and start with something a bit happier.
And what better than a bit of Suzi Blu,
she always cheers me up.

These two little pictures
are inspired by
Suzi Blu

Suzi Blu is always running online courses.
One of her recent ones is called La La La, click on the word La La La
and it will take you to her site.
I myself am not doing this online course because I am still in
the Portraits-Self Guided class

but if you want to lose your negative energy and feel like playing I can highly recommend
Suzi's stuff.



Diane said...

Oh my goodness!--inspiration from Suzi--but definitely your distinct style--I LOVE these!!!

Jean said...

What fun and oh so cute. Thaks for visiting my sight. I'll be back to see more of your art.

Healing Woman said...

Very nice job. Lovely inspiration from Suzi. It is hard to be inspired by anything when we loose a loved one. It will all come back in time. I hope it gets better for you each day.

Poetic Artist said...

So cute..Suzi does inspire..
It will take time just take one day at a time.

Zaa said...

Sweet Pictures Manon... Sending healing thoughts your way.... I think your loved ones can sometimes be a great positive inspiration especially after a loss...BIG HUGS

Coleen said...

Charming, both of them.

Coleen in Ukraine

Marie said...

Love your art!