Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Free live popjes art class.

What don't you know about me yet ....hmmmm
 lets think.... I know what I am not

That is easy
I am not

 And I am not the

Although I like to think that at times. 
So what am I then...
Well I am a bit of a

who likes
rather a lot 
I have to say 
I don't know if I should tell you this but
I am a bit of a nut 
and oh yes
of course

hmmmmmm.....what else
I can't count ....have I got to seven yet?
Well I have
very telling brown eyes of course!
Oh yes and I am also
in need of some new
can you tell?
All I am seeing at the moment is popjes and popjes and popjes


and now you are asking yourself has she gone mad 
Why is she telling me all this????

I received two Blog Awards

Yes and I am so totally honoured.  I just can't tell you how wonderful that feels! The first award was given to my me by a very sweet lady who I feel very connected to. Her name is Sol. Thanks my friend! I am passing this award on to AmyDarcy, Jennibelie, Tracey and Lisa. Please ladies, copy and link this award to  your blog.

My second award was given to me by a very talented lady called Tracey, I am so happy to know her. I just have to say her talent is amazing and if you are into tea go visit her she will not disappoint you! The rules for the second award are that I have to tell you seven things about myself that you might not know and then hand this on to 15 bloggers who I think deserve it!! So I am passing this award onto Janie Cameron, Dorien,Cathy, Suzan Kirstin, Sharon, Sonja, Connie, Buffy,  Amy, Sol, Diane, Joyce and Darcy,

Coming back to popjes...

Have you got into drawing popjes well it is a real must !
There will be another free live art class here
this Saturday 19/11/11
9pm UK time.
World clock here
Amy is letting me loose in her classroom yet again

Details to follow tomorrow
and I would love to see you in class!!!!


amy said...



you are the COOLESt.


Lucy said...

Your dolls are so cute!

Bev said...

Your a doll cant wait thanks so much for sharing your talent with us...

hugz bev

craftattack said...

Love all your popjes! I will try to make it to the art class this week. Valerie

Diane said...

First of all--thank you for the award!!!!!
And next, I can't wait to try one of your little popjes. I have one more art show in a couple of weeks to get ready for, but after that, I can play!
I'm so glad that you're having another workshop--it's so fun to watch you do your magic (and I LOVE your accent :)

Tammie Lee said...

so fun to learn more about you illustrated in all your fun art!

Kristin said...

YEAH!!! I do hope to make it - bragged about you today - you inspired my latest body ;)
Thank you! xoxo

Kristin said...

And, btw, congratulations - you so deserve them!! xo

Cameron said...

I love all those incarnations of that sweet popjes! The eyes just get me....I love a painting with eyes that sparkle!

Thank you so much for the wonderful award...I'm thrilled you think so highly of me *blush*
So nice of you ;D

...and another class?!!!! I'll try my darndest to be there!!!!
Can't get enough of them...aren't they the best thing ever?!

Tracey Fletcher KIng said...

thanks for the award and the kind words Manon... made my day... as to the amazing work you are doing... you are kinda blowing my mind a little bit... where do you get the energy!!!! Love love love to you xx