Thursday, 17 April 2014

How to create your own drawing style in 5 steps

The other day someone asked me if my drawings were my own style. Without too much thinking I simply answered "yes of course they are ". When I walked away I started to think a bit deeper about what makes a style of drawing unique and how on earth do you get there. I personally feel that style is something that grows and like a lot of processes if you know what moves to make it all becomes a lot easier. One step in particular will make your drawings unique. So if you read on I think you may learn something new and may be pleasantly surprised about how easy it is to create your own drawing style.

Lottie is a style addict

So where do I start you may ask yourself ?

I think when you are new to drawing or creating a style it really doesn't matter where you start just start. The start is going to be your first step towards your own unique style. So find something you enjoy, something that excites you or makes you curious. Maybe you like to draw a cartoon figure or maybe a realistic human face or an animal. My advice is just start somewhere and if you really get stuck and don't know where to start you could always use the simple image bellow I created this little girl Lottie some years ago for a drawing tutorial and holy Mona I still see great variations of her face pass me by.

Get your muse going.
When you have some basic shapes on paper go shop around, study other artists. Pick out an element of what they have created, maybe the shape of the face, an eye or a mouth or try to copy something of that artist's style. Internet is a great source for lots of mouth watering images. Look bellow at the faces, two different ways of approaching the subject and yet keeping some of the same elements. Would you not say two different styles? Now it is your turn but please don't copy other artists' work exact. Don't forget plagiarism is an offence! It takes most artists a lot of work to get to that unique place where they have their own style.

 Using shapes

If you either new to drawing or you want to make your style of drawing interesting and unique it is very satisfying just using some simple shapes like triangles, circles or squares. Shapes will also help you understand and build the skeletal structure of the body in your drawing but more about that at a later stage. Bellow I have only used simple triangles to build the little bodies for the dolls so I could concentrate just on their little faces. I feel this takes a bit of the stress away when you first start drawing. Don't you think dressing them in colourful triangle outfits gives them their own unique and funky style?

  Practice, practice and practice.

Yes I know it sounds boring when I say "Practice makes perfect" but no matter your age we can all  learn new things. Yes get your paint or pencils out. Drawing or painting something over and over again helps to create a strong neural pathway in your brain. After repeat action you don't have to think about it anymore it becomes natural and once it is natural you will have more space to try something new again. Imagine learning to ride a bike, once you have mastered it you will never forget how to do it and once you know how to do it you can now learn to ride your bike with only one hand. Now you are well on your way riding that bike in your own unique style.

So you think you are unique?

The best and last tip I can give you for today is use yourself in your drawings, there is nothing more unique then you.  Let’s face it no one can ever accuse you of copying others if you just use you in your drawings. Also you will always be there for you and as we grow older there will always be a new you. Your style will evolve for years to come. I guess my little Lottie girl knows all about that. I hope you enjoyed my tips and I would love to hear from you about your process of finding style.



Bev said...

This is a fabulous tutorial for everyone esp the beginner love your work your style and you ....
Hugz Bev xox

Christine said...

what great advice, you really know your craft!

Pia Drent said...

great post! I've been thinking about this topic again lately and I completely agree with just drawing a lot. draw your own face is a good tip and I like how you've done yours!

Jez said...

These are not just 'tips' Manon, this is a great tutorial for anybody who frets about how to develop a style (or recognise their own unique style). You are a talented teacher.
For years and years I was disappointed that I couldn't develop my own style. I always looked at what I drew or painted, or sculpted, and thought 'well, that just looks like something I'VE done'. One day I had that 'ping' moment and realised that it looked like something I had done because that was my unique style! After that, I was happy.
I am sure your tutorial will help anyone who thinks of their art in the way I used to, you always give such good advice. …… and thank you for making me think about my style again and keep reviewing my ideas.

Anonymous said...

Good advice.

Anonymous said...

Good advice.

Ayala Art said...

So adorable! ♥

Sheila said...

I really enjoyed this - Thanks!