Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Discover home away from home

The other day I was asked by someone "Where is your home away from home?" The answer had to be Amsterdam. Yes we love that city with it's cute little houses and it's delicious apple pie.

ManonPopjes' illustrations

There is nothing better than sitting on a terrace in the heart of that city on a warm summer's evening watch the world go by. The people there are so friendly, laid back and tall.

Photo credit to Fae Clarke

Lottie has no problem finding clothes there at all.  She can't lie the truth is Amsterdammers have great style even many of Lottie's favourite famous artists lived in that small town.

ManonPopjes' illustrations

Photo credit to Fae Clarke

So when you tell Lottie she can move over there if she runs a mile in those funny traditional wooden shoes she will do it right now for you. Amsterdam is and always will be "Home away from home"What is yours?



Pia Drent said...

Is dat Rembrandtplein? Ik hou eigenlijk meer van achteraf wonen, in een bos ofzo :) maar als het een stad moet zijn dan ZEKER Amsterdam!

Bev said...

Lottie sure looks happy ,mine is wherever my daughters are...

Arnoldo L. Romero, MLA said...

Lottie has a marvelous sense of style, so she must have picked it up in Amsterdam. My wife and daughters will always be where home is to me, no matter where we are. However, Mexico holds a special place in my heart, because that's where my Father was from. Blessings!

Lizzy Love said...

Really awesomely amazing blog post Manon, I so enjoyed reading it! Lottie looks like she had such an amazing time in Amsterdam, I have always wanted to visit there, maybe one day!! :)

roberto M. said...

I like the little houses!! I think they are classic in the Netherlands, or only from Amsterdam?
I love the wooden shoes! very cute!
Thanks for your comment.
PS: my other home away from home? .... I do not know, some little place away from many people, on an island in the South Pacific :) (with that apple pie)