Friday, 30 May 2014

Paper Saturdays link up time.

Happy Paper Saturdays to you all! I hope you will join me and share your art with us. Please scroll down and link up at bottom of this post.

This week I found my inspiration with Roberto who is hosting a drawing challenge with the topic no limits. I thought it might be fun to combine it with Paper Saturdays and see what answers you may come up with. Would you for example have limits on what you put on show in public or do you have no limits?

If you would like to play this week please
  • Link a relevant post with your art in the mr linky below
  •  Mention and link Paper Saturdays in your post so others can find us too
  • Feel free to use our button.
 See you soon!
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Saskia said...

Ik wens je een fijne zaterdag! :)

Groetjes, Saskia

Melanie said...

Zelf laat ik niet alles zien wat ik maak.
Een hele fijne zaterdag, ik hoop dat hij net zo zonnig voor je is als hier.
Liefs, Melanie

Arnoldo L. Romero, MLA said...

LOL! I love the nostalgic feel of your clothes line and those undies are way too cute. Blessings!

Carol Porter said...

I love anything miniature and this is just too cute and too creative.

Elephangaroo Ramunda said...

Hehehe...this is so fun! Love it!

Introverted Art said...

this is just too adorable!

Tammie Lee said...

wonderful that you joined us at DC.
Such a charming piece!
I believe my limits would be that i feel good about what i am showing. What about you?

denthe said...

Ach, dit is zo schattig ... :-)
Ik laat lang niet alles zien wat ik maak. Het is zoals Tammie zegt: ik moet me er zelf goed bij voelen ...

♥ tinyWOOLF ♥ said...

washing on the line, even paper one... i noticed some, recently, on a road in a nearby town... a bit akward to see undies float about, so close to rushing traffic... this reminds me of that moment.
anyway, manonpopje, leuk je hier te ontmoeten, via roberto!

tanïa said...

Lovely and cute little paperwork! Makes me smile. :-)
Of course I have limits of what I'd show in public, but I sometimes have fun in going a bit further than I probably wanted. Makes me feel a bit free sometimes. And courageous. Tammie says it all, the limit is to feel comfortable with what you're showing. Then all's well. :-)

Patrice A. said...

such a fine 'drawing'!!

hoi en welkom bij de dc
en zoals de meesten denk ik na
over wat ik wel en niet laat zien

Patrice A.

Joke Konings said...

Welkom en leuk deze interpretatie. Jaha, als het gaat om het internet denk ik zeker na wat ik wel en niet wil laten zien. See you.

Kristen Donegan said...

Hi Manon- so nice to meet you here :)
this is a wonderful little illustration and quite cheeky too! I really enjoyed reading the comments left and feel as Tammie does in that as long as we feel comfortable the sky is the limit!
Thanks so much for the post

roberto M. said...

Hi Manon, I ask you apologize for coming so late to your blog.
I like your 3D work. And. .. Yes I have limits(prejudice) especially in summer, I could not use that kind of bathing suit sunga or slip, ever. (not to mention nudity) Ja Ja! great week for you!!

Patrice A. said...

dit weekend ben ik de host voor de dc
misschien doe je weer mee?


barbarabeesblog said...

Hi Manon, nice to meet you this way and thank you for your comment. I really like your cute little paper artworks, makes me smile and there are definitely no limits to dirty cloth ;)
Barbara bee

CERULEAN said...

Nice to meet you too:)
Mooi! Je bijdrage is grappig en ontwapenend tegelijkertijd!