Saturday, 7 June 2014

Paper Saturday's link up time, my world is upside down.

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You may think it is sad but I have fallen in love with paper clay. There is something very soothing about sitting there with the clay going through my fingers. I love it when one big lumb becomes so many individual figures of gestalt with each their own little characteristics .

Yes there I am dreaming away into fantasy land where everything feels perfect and each little thing has it's own little place.  However that is just a dream because real life is not much like that for me at the moment.

When I got invited by Patrice to take part in the Drawing Challenge with the theme of Upside Down I smiled because I am feeling very Upside Down right now. Our house is being renovated and slowly my studio is becoming a dumping ground for things that have no place right now.

Yes the house being upside down surely has a great affect on me. Things in my head feel upside down too. I now have difficulties sitting down to create in my studio. Very little drawing has been done. I would love to hear what is upside down for you.

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Saskia said...

Hello Manon, Thanks again for the goodies I've won by your give-away! :) My world was upside-down at 2011-2012 when our son Robbe was very ill, lymfo-cancer. But now, we're standing 'up', enjoying every day, enjoying small things... just like we already did before, but now with just a little bit more attention. :)

Smiles, Saskia :)

Melanie said...

Wat heb je weer leuke dingen gemaakt Manon. Altijd weer een feestje om op je blog te kijken. Zelf doe ik mee aan een zomer challange en heb de hele week kleine, leuke opdrachten gemaakt. De link die ik geplaatst heb is de gewone link van mijn blog. Ik kon niet kiezen van welke ik anders de link moest plaatsen. ;)
En nu je vraag, waar was ik onderste boven van? Mmm... Moeilijk... Ik ben niet zo gauw onderste boven van iets, de laatste keer van het mooie examen werkstuk van mijn oudste, Bob. Daar heb ik ook een blog berichtje over gemaakt. ;)
Voor nu een hele fijne zaterdag, ik hoop voor je dat het bij jou ook mooi weer is.
Liefs, Melanie

Valerie-Jael said...

Sorry, I was rather busy last week and forgot to link! Valerie

Arnoldo L. Romero, MLA said...

I'm sorry your studio is in disarray during your home's renovations, but just think of how great everything will be once it's all done. I love all your paper clay creations, especially your little pins. Blessings!

Jez said...

I love the paper clay creations with their rosy cheeks. My favourites are the girl with the cone-shaped hat and the one beside her with the surprised expression.

How did I come to miss posting last week - I am so sorry. I think I probably slept through Saturday and Sunday because I was still heavily on the medication. Getting a little better each day.

What's upside-down? Life at the moment with poor Dev having to look after me when he is not too good himself at the moment. But we'll get there. Nice to be back with you anyway. XX

Veronica Roth said...

Oh I completely relate Manon! My world is a little upside down right now, but last summer, the floors in my house were being refinished and that effectively cut me off of the studio, on the second floor, because I couldn't walk across them for a time. Oh I was miserable!

Patrice A. said...


i like change, renovate or move a home
must be my childhood where all of that happened so often
sweet memories ;^)))

dankjewel voor het meedoen
en weet: het moet eerst erger worden
voor het beter wordt

Patrice A.

Clare Willcocks said...

Your studio looks lovely, colourful and spacious, despite being upside down! I hope your motivation to draw comes back soon, sending you some creative vibes!

I love your paper clay creations, you may have mentioned before, but do you have a favoured 'recipe' to use?

Thank you, happy Paper Saturdays!

PS. I'm feeling upside down at the thought of having to go back to work tomorrow after a week's holiday!

Joke Konings said...

Turning upside down, spinning your head...and still making lovely little human figures. That's great. They're colourful and I love the expression in their face.

♥ tinyWOOLF ♥ said...

well, having survived a major renovation, and still not at the end of it... i can assure you i'm familar with that kind of upside down... keep breathing, it'll pass... and things will look up again. and oh yeah! stick to the clay, its soothing effect is important. n♥

Clare Lloyd said...

Love your paper clay dolls.

celine schroeder said...

Ojeetje… dat begrijp ik heel goed, dat je niet echt kunt werken in je atelier. Op een gegeven moment zou ik daarvan echt gestrest worden! Succes en ik bewonder je daarom. Erg leuk die figuurtjes, ik ben heel slecht in 3 dimensionaal werken en steeds als ik iets zie van klei ofzo denk ik meteen "dat wil ik ook". Bij mij werkt het alleen niet ;-( Vind de poppetjes echt super leuk!

tanïa said...

Loevly little clay figures, make me smile and happy! No wonder your house renovation turmoil turns your world upside down, too! But afterwards, when all's done, you'll be happy to have gone through this situation. So hang in there!

tanïa said...
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tanïa said...
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Tammie Lee said...


i think renovations do this. I am so hesitant to begin putting a new floor in. I have no where to put everything, except maybe on the porch, it would be a big mess! your paper clay pieces are so charming. wishing you right side up ;-)

Kristen Donegan said...

ugh! so true when the house is in flux what a racket in our regular routines...especially when it's your studio space being invaded !!
Love the little faces and dolls! really they are super :) great colors- right up my alley!

Norma Conway said...

These little clay faces are happy and wonderful and a blessing to us all. There is a painting resting on your easel that is completely fantastic. I assume it is your work. Gosh it looks great. I'm enthused about it.
Having a separate place to work (studio) is so helpful to the creative process and I can imagine how not having it for a time would upset the apple cart so to speak. But it will be worth the disruption when you are able to enjoy your studio space once again. I love your work, *smiles* Norma

CERULEAN said...

It souns so familiar, the studio beconing a dump place. Your clay figures are really funny!

Pia Drent said...

:( I hate it too when my creative space is invaded, so sorry for you! I hope it passes quickly. My world is upside down because I've just attended art camp and got a sort of artistic reset from the input. Is ook iets voor jou om uit te checken! Als je weer eens in NL bent: kamperen en kunst leren!! Ook te gebruiken als vluchtplek tijdens renovaties ;)

Susan Christensen said...

What a joy to meet you and your colorful world, Manon! And paper clay: I have not had the pleasure for YEARS - now goes on my list to try again. Happy to meet you,

barbarabeesblog said...

Hallo Manon, I can completely understand that renovating turns your studio and life in some sort of upside down mess. I did a littlebit of painting/renovation myself the last couple of days and I don't wanna show anyone how my studio looks like ; )
barbara bee