Tuesday, 3 February 2015

How To Quickly Develop your Characters for Illustration.

Have you ever wondered how you could possibly develop the characters for your illustrations swiftly?

Well its easy and it won't need to cost you a fortune. My advice to you is  'Participate in a Daily Challenge'. Believe you me challenges get you really focused on the job in front of you, plus you will learn tons and it could change your life forever and that of your little characters.

Two of my favourite Challenges at the moment are the 29FaceChallenge and the MakeSomething365. What do you think?  Let me know if you join.


Lisa Graham Art said...

I love Did You Say Something. You are so clever Manon. Hope all is well!


Gina said...

I think it sounds like a plan :D XXX

lee said...

I agree with you, this is my second years in doing 29 faces, and I find I am getting a little better every year. I will never draw realistic faces, but that's not my style.

Lola Azul said...

Just discover your blog and I totally agree with you. This is my second year on 29faces.