Tuesday, 17 February 2015

How to use line in your art to create better composition.

Do you sometimes have that feeling that your painting or drawing doesn't feel balanced and you wonder what to do next?

A simple way of bringing harmony to your work is by using lines. Look at the two pictures above. How do they make you feel? 

The painting on the right is much more balanced don't you think? Notice how the leading lines in the bottom corners in the second painting draw your eye in and then around the face. The clever use of a curved line of the shoulder, neck and head area in this painting have a pleasing and softening effect on the composition. Curved lines remind us of the curves of the human body and they communicate energy. 

So you see by just adding a few simple lines you really draw the viewer in and build a better composition.


Gina said...

Sometimes the simplest techniques are the best :D XXX

lee said...

thanks for sharing your tips, I really need them

Michellem said...

Great post - thanks for the tips - helps me "see" things that are missing!